Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Cushion 5

Among other things today, (like arranging some interesting plans for future events for the Thames Valley Contemporary Quilt Group), I also made another cushion.

I am not really pleased with how well the cushion fills the cover, but the zip I used in the centre back was a bit shorter than practical. So, it meant that I had to really compress the cushion to get it in. I might stick it in the dryer to see if it fluffs it up.The fabric strips meet by way of a ring in the centre. It looked a bit plain next to all the other cushions, so I tied on the ribbon. I may not leave it that way.

I took a photo of the other cushions next to the curtains and carpet mainly because I decided to use the photo for an example of monotone (not strictly monotone, but I played with the photo in Paint Shop Pro). But it is also an example of how they look together in the room. My husband gave me a bit of a backward complement about them. He said they are too posh for our lounge!

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