Monday, 14 September 2009

30 minutes at a time

Summerset Banks has a way of organising her sewing time so that she can get some quicker projects done while working on larger projects. She calls it 30 minutes a day. So, while she works on a major garment she also manages to make clothes for her children and some quick projects for herself.
I decided I would try to do something similar in amongst all my rushing around I may not always get to do it, but sometimes, if I actually did something in the 30 minutes here and there
between this thing and that, I could make some of the garments for me on my list.
So, here is a start. I want a white skirt...even though it is nearly deep autumn, I still wished I had one this summer, so if I make it now, I will have it next summer. Also, I have some forest green gabardine. there is enough to make trousers and a maybe a skirt if I want. It would go with a patterned linen jacket I made some time ago.
Before I can cut them out, I needed to prewash. So, it may seem that wouldn't take 30 in. But the linen would shred and the gabardine is a very large piece. So, I overlocked the ends together. It took a bit longer because of the overlocker becoming un-threaded. Grrr. But, anyway. I should be able to get to this later in the week. I still have a lot of prep for my classes to start next week. So, I am not going to push to incorporate the 30 minute plan every day till I can get used to the teaching schedule.
I do actually do something similar to this when I do my textile art pieces. But the clothes keep being put to the side. So, I am hoping this might help me to accomplish the tasks on that list.

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