Sunday, 27 September 2009

Colour Activity

Tomorrow for the C+G Fashion course we are going to do a version of the colour activity that I did at the C+G training day. The students were given the assignment to bring a coloured accessory or coloured pair of shoes.

Coloured accessories - (the books in the background don't count.)

Because it is a smaller group, I have collected various accessories to take to supplement the ones the students bring. 2 things... 1. I don't really do coloured shoes. Apart from black, brown and white, I have blue...well, I have some spotty red flip flops, but they aren't fit for public viewing! 2. I don't wear scarves much. So, I have gone round and collected winter scarves, scarves my friend from Ethiopia brought me, some ties my husband doesn't wear. (He is definitely a play-it-safe-with-colour-and-don't-draw-attention-to-yourself tie wearer.) So, I rang up my friend, who found she doesn't really do coloured accessories either! But she brought a few things to fill some of my major gaps. A skein of orange wool, which we can pretend has been knitted up and a yellow towel, and one or two other things.

Actually, I may see what I have for a length of cloth in some of those colours, and they will do. It is about the colour really, not so much what it is.

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