Thursday, 17 September 2009

3 wonderful things

Today had 3 wonderful things in least. 1 - actually from yesterday...I found a book on Fashion at the Oscars in the Library...the cover is flocked!

2 - I have been looking for blue/silver metallic silk tissue for ages. Hilary at Silk Route phoned my a few days ago to say she had finally found some. She hadn't seen any for years either. It is made in India and they prefer mixing with gold...silver is not valued. So, I got all 4 1/2 m of it! And went to collect it today. I also showed off Midnight Dance by Midnight, since the long silver train on the coat was made from fabric I bought from them. She had some other gorgeous colours which were tempting. Maybe when I have filled the purse back up!

3 - I was looking at Sally Bramald's blog, Feather on a Wire and saw she had a very long quilter's ruler. I find 24 in just a bit short, expecially as I also use it in pattern drafting. When I asked where to get one, Sally said she had got it in a sale - discontinued? Sale prices were so reasonable, she got 2. But she only uses one. Did I want one? Yes, please. So as it was in the same general direction from here to both places, I also went to collect the ruler! Thanks Sally. you are a star!

oh and 4 - my son actually willingly went along to navigate. I am not bad at all with maps, but now days I have long sight glasses and reading glasses. It is NOT easy to refer to maps quickly when you have the long sight glasses on! He didn't want to go in and talk to anyone, but it was a help to have him work things out for me.

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