Saturday, 12 September 2009

Suncatcher Kids

This month at the Library there have been several extra events as a way of celebrating the Library's 30th birthday.
Here are a few photos from a Suncatcher workshop I did with the children today. It was a nice sunny day, which Simon says usually means people are out enjoying it rather than coming to the library on a Saturday. So, we mostly had small children today.Some of the kiddies worked with their parents.

I also had a young lad helping, who is working towards his Duke of Edinburgh award. The photos at the upper right are of his Suncatcher. He has drawn Sports symbols.

The pictures on the lower left show Logan's work - with Razza's help. Logan even tried to do a plan, but was not finding it easy to draw on the CD's. So, Razza worked with him to do some of the characters from the Cars film. The other side has a road for them to drive round.

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