Sunday, 6 September 2009

Busy Busy!

I had a very long day on Saturday going into London to the City and Guilds Headquarters. It is near the St. Bart's Hospital. It was a very informative day. We did several activities as well. There were a few activities which helped to get an understanding of ways to meet the requirements of the Design unit of the new programme.

We all had to take a pair of coloured shoes or other accessory. Labels for the 12 step colour wheel had been laid in a circle on the floor and we had to place our items in the colour position we thought they went. It was a great icebreaker as much as anything! But then we went back and looked at the logbook to realise just how much that one group excercise had covered!

A bit heavily weighted in the red spectrum!

I also was able to see some of the teachers I had for City and Guilds Fashion at Hemel Hempstead. It was actually quite helpful to sit with someone you already knew in order to discuss some of the issues that came up. One of the ladies is now our External Verifier. So, she had a bit more insight as to interpretation of some parts of the requirements.

Now I need to communicate all that info to the others at the college. I have been waking at night with my brain running at 100 mph!

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