Sunday, 13 September 2009

Spicy Hot Table Mats

Today I worked on the development of the project for the October Crafts @the Library...Spicy Hot Table Mats.

You can find directions on how to make these in various places on the internet. As I have mentioned before, we have to do hand stitching, so I had to work out a plan for making them without using a sewin machine.

Basically, these are filled with a mixture of rice, cloves and cinnamon bark. You can add more spices if you like. One of the instructions I had mentioned that you wouldn't be able to wash the mats if you had spills. So, I had to work out how to do a little sachet for the inside, as well as a reasonable way to get it out to wash the cover.And here we are! I made little muslin bags, which has the mixture inside. Then the outside is made from linen scraps I had. They are stitched with a large running stitch with linen thread. The sachet is inserted before stitching all the way closed. Where the ends meet, the thread is tied in a bow. When you want to wash the cover, you can untie the bow, pull out a few stitches, or even unloosen them in a similar way to loosening shoe laces, take out the sachet and wash the cover!

Here is a staged photo of bowls setting on the mats. If they were hot bowls on your table, the heat would release the aroma of the spices!

Now I have some to take to the Tues. and Wed. Crafts @the Library sessions when we do the Bookmark workshop. It is good to give an idea of what is happening the next time.

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