Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Letter - very nearly!

The letter piece is nearly done! Actually, it would have been if I had made the binding wider. It is just a bit tight to finish wrapping round to the back. So, I am going to put another bit of binding from a plain fabric which will extend it enough to catch down easier.

You can see the braid I used to cover the edge of the silk. The centre portion is actually green, but blue works better, so I sewed it on with a blue zigzag and it is perfect. I have not been happy with the blue foiling I did on parts of the L. I was going for a lapis lazuli look, but it was too bright and fake. I discovered I could cover those blue bits with the braid. And suddenly the whole piece works well as a whole. I am very pleased with it!

Here is a little reminder of what the blue foiling looked like. If you compare with the top photo...even though the photo is a bit darker...you can see how it works better.

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