Friday, 11 September 2009

out of the box fashion

I came across this great adaptation of the idea of a corset the other day.
Nifer Fahrion works in construction out in the desert. She has found a way to show her femininity in a useful way while staying cool in the desert.

After she built the corset, using fabrics from a well known maker of work wear, she added industrial strenght poppers/snaps for holsters for her tools. That way, she hasn't got to wear a tool belt. The construction of the corset holds the tools right where she needs them!
photo borrowed from Nifer Fahrion's site.
She even adapted a jacket into a shrug for those times when the desert cools down!

Oh, and by the way, check out the felted wool dreds! I guess no one will mistake her for one of the lads!

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margaret said...

That is fairly amazing - the felted dreds on her blog are a great fashion accessory...