Friday, 4 September 2009

Cushion 4 - finish

After sitting on my table in a nearly complete state for weeks, I have finally completed Cushion 4.
I am really quite chuffed with this. Not the least because the cover is a pattern I developed on my own...from a not quite right try for a different idea.
The light green is actually the cushion covered tightly with light weight fabric. This one has lining fabric at the back and silk from a charity shop blouse at the front.

The cover is 2 rectangular pieces cut the same for the cover - one for the back
- one for the front which has been cut into quarters diagonally.

The the long edges have been overlocked and turned in about 1/2 in and sewed down. I also sewed an accent satin ribbon along the edge.

The raw edges have been placed, right sides together, along the raw edges of the back piece...matching the corners and overlapping in the centre of each edge as you go around.

Pin and sew, and overlock the edge.

Turn through and press to neaten.

Insert the cushion which has the lightweight fabric, making sure the silk side shows through the aperture.

Choose a motif to go with the cushion colours. Find the centre of the opening and stitch the motif to the silk covered side of the cushion. ( catch the original cover of the cushion pad so that there will not be too much stress on the silk.)

If you have bits of ribbon left from sewing along the edges of the opening, you can stitch them onto the back of the motif to make streamers. I did this to help tie all the colours of green together.

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