Thursday, 24 September 2009

EquilARTeral -Connect-Disconnect

The EquilARTeral art group I am in with Jane Glennie and Merete Hawkins will be meeting on Friday evening. With the best will in the world, I just didn't get to work on this more in the summer. I need to finish the 3rd in the series.

I did buy some bits to add to the middle piece for Connect-Disconnect. So today I added them. I am also stitching the binding round the A1 piece from Letter from the Zoom Series.
The other delay this summer, apart from making cushions and all sorts of other things, was that I have used commercial pattern paper for the smaller pieces, but I haven't got a large enough blank piece for the A2 size piece. Originally I thought I would do nearly blank, but the way things have worked with the first two, I don't really want the strong black lines. Merete kindly gave me some white material she picked up somewhere which is actually sturdier than pattern paper, but could work. It is somewhat like thin interfacing, but more papery.

So, I thought perhaps if I dyed it with coffee, it might turn out a similar colour to the pattern paper. Of course, I forgot to photograph it before starting! But I did a sample first(See the strip in the photo above).

I have some out-of-date coffee. Can't remember if it was given to us sometime back and not having a coffee maker we never used it? When I found out my husband was tossing it because of the date, I rescued it for dyeing purposes (like you do!). I am talking years now. The sell-by date is 2002!

So, anyway, I made up a bucket of coffee and after finding the sample strip worked well, I put the fabric in.

Now to get it out to dry, and work out what else I will layer it with. I am thinking buttons and straps for the connect-disconnect part, but you never know! Sometimes I do the extreme plan bit and other times I do the "let's see what it wants" auditioning process. This is one of the latter situations. And while I have a bucket of coffee, I am overdyeing this flour resist piece. It may end up in a piece for the Contemporary Quilt challenge - Breakthrough. Yeah, I know the deadline is in a few weeks! We shall see.
But I can alway count it as an experiment of overdying flour resist on calico. Can't I?

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