Tuesday, 9 December 2014

December days - 9

Today I did shopping for Christmas baking.

And so to free me up to go off to the shops... Chicken and Pumpkin soup.

Starting to get into the mood to bake...for me it is a part of the holidays. The practical reason was that I was the oldest of 6 kids. So, in order to have any thing nice to eat when we got to Christmas, it seemed my mother baked a double batch of everything through out the whole month. One for that day and one for the Christmas break!

It probably wasn't everyday, but still it has come to be a Christmassy thing for me to do. And since there are only the 3 of us, I give the baking away here and there.

By the way, don't ask for the soup recipe. It is one of those things that will be similar but not matching if I make it again.

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