Monday, 15 December 2014

December days - 15

More on the fence saga

Remember this bit I posted on Saturday about the back corner of the fence?
"If you looked at the back fence from the other side, it looked 9 feet high.
If you looked from this side, it looked less than 3 feet high!
... Holly hasn't exactly taken notice, but if she did,
she would probably be over in a flash after a cat or something.
As her 'mother' said, she gets the red mist and every thing sensible is gone.
If she went over it would be like jumping over the ramparts
side of a castle wall!"

Well, on Saturday we heard the magpies calling out. Even Holly knows that is a clue there is a cat after the song birds. I looked out from the kitchen window to see a white cat after the robins. I 'swish-sh-shed' at it from the window. But the cat wasn't convinced that it wasn't welcome, after all there was no gate.
Meanwhile, Holly with the red mist wanted out. NOT a good idea. I put her out of the kitchen and went out to chase the cat off.

And here is what happened on the inside...


Good thing I can sew!

This is what the fence looks like so far from the back.
And the bones of the new corner.
No, the fence men didn't come back on Saturday. Hopefully today.
---No fence men today. Perhaps too sunny? I can't work out what causes them to show up and what doesn't.

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