Monday, 22 December 2014

December days - 22

More baking done. Fancy biscuits I made on Friday for the table at the shops and the Candlelight Carol service.
Gingerbread and Sugar Cookies...the easy way.
A few without icing for those who don't like icing.

One year I decided all the rolling out and cutting took too much time and energy, neither of which I have to spare! (These days it is all about the length of time my legs can stand!) So, I put little spheres of dough on the baking sheet. I can get a whole batch onto 2 baking sheets. Unlike 3 or 4 Gingerbread men to a tray! They come out nicely rounded on top and flat on the bottom.

And then mix up the icing to a cream-like consistency and dip the biscuits top down into the icing. and then dip into a small container of sprinkles. Set on a pretty tray and there you are!

I am hoping to get some other batches made today - special request from A Certain Young Man. I will update this page when I do.

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