Wednesday, 10 December 2014

December days - 10 and a start on the December journal quilt.

Another Christmas present in progress happening around here. Progress on the December journal quilt.
Tracing a net so that with the football, it will be a goal. I am going to use my cutting back method that I use for the Ramshackle pieces to show the background lines of the net.
And considering a sheer layer cut back for the foreground lines of the net.

The Journal quilts for this year are eventually going to a Certain Young Man, and I have done several British sports so far. He says he doesn't like football, but you can't really cover British sports and leave out football so he is having one anyway.

Some I will give to him for Christmas, some for next birthday and some will be reserved a bit to be displayed with the other Contemporary Quilt 2014 journal quilts at shows next year. So, anyway, for now I will count this as a Christmas present.

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