Tuesday, 16 December 2014

December days - 16 and all of the 2014 Journal Quilts

Here is the whole set of 12 Journal Quilts for 2014

Added to these...
This is the original set which made up part of the collective Contemporary Quilt entry "Rule Britannia" for the Celebrating Diversity in Europe exhibition at the British Quilt Museum.
These 6 pieces have already been gifted to my son. As I mentioned previously, their size was 20x20cm which is very close to 8x8in - the size of this year's journal quilts.

So, wherever The Certain Young Man settles, he won't have to worry about the walls! I tried to make work which could be hung individually or in groupings.

Who knows, I might find an opportunity to make 2 more (for which I already have ideas!) and then the set can be complete at 20. But that will have to wait for a long while!

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Maggi said...

Good to see them all together and to know they are going to a good home.