Friday, 12 December 2014

December days - 12 and finished 'Goal!'

I was able to complete the football for the December journal quilt. This is the last one of the year...and...I still have over 1/2 a month left. It does feel good to be finished with time to spare!

I figured the best title would be 'Goal!'

I am really glad how the techniques worked as I hoped. and then to finish the quilting in the green section, I echo quilted which adds a feel of movement and force (as in physics).

If you want to see the other British Sports I depicted for these pieces, you can go to this link.

I am already thinking of what theme or technique to focus on for next year's journal quilts with the Contemporary Quilt group. I have a few ideas, but it will depend on what size they choose.


Linda M said...

Wow, that looks very realistic.

Maggi said...

This is such an effective piece. Congratulations on finishing ahead of time. I still have this month's to go.