Thursday, 11 December 2014

December days - 11 and more of the December journal

Yesterday I had a migraine most of the day, so only got to work on this from the late afternoon.

However, I was really pleased at how the cut back technique worked for the part of the net which is in the background.
This was before I picked it up and most of the bits came off. Then it really was a jigsaw!

And with the football all fused down.

and eventually with the foreground part of the net.
I fused sheer fabric to a waxy paper that had texture. When I had cut out the spaces, I used a cocktail stick and little by little put bits of Pritt stick glue behind the 'joins' of the lines in the net to stick it in place.

Hopefully today I can get the foreground net stitched in place which will make it just a bit more solid.

And if time, I will layer, quilt and bind it.

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