Saturday, 13 December 2014

December days - 13 Something on Saturday

Talking about someone else's work for a change.

Next door is getting a 'new' garden. Patio, fences and so on. (Our back garden is neighbour to their back garden.) Because our houses are on a slope, their garden is about 6 feet lower than ours. Also, their gate is attached to the shared fence. Who ever did our garden originally seems to have piled rubble up to level the garden and then dumped earth on top of it. So that corner was a bit strange. Basically builder's rubble with breeze blocks or something over it.
If you looked at the back fence from the other side, it looked 9 feet high. If you looked from this side, it looked less than 3 feet high! Pepper used to put her paws up and look over. She had the wits not to jump. Holly hasn't exactly taken notice, but if she did, she would probably be over in a flash after a cat or something. As her 'mother' said, she gets the red mist and every thing sensible is gone. If she went over it would be like jumping over the ramparts side of a castle wall!

Anyway, Because that back corner had to be reworked if the neighbours were ever going to get a fence that stayed up, it seemed good to get our fence done, too. I think the original gate was mostly nails by now anyway! Whether it latched or not depended on the weather and the position of that section of fence.

So, here are a few photos I have been getting.
This first one is one I took in the spring which shows the gate and the not quite joined on fence.

Here the fence is going
See where the black container is on this side of next door's window? That is the compost container or 'the Dalek' as we call it! That is the corner that is basically rubble. They had to undercut the bank a bit to get their digger machine into next door's garden. I keep thinking that the Dalek is going to tip over and dump rotten vegetation and a load of worms down their necks!

- and the fence gone.

Starting to go up - the right side of the shed behind our 'orchard', already up.
I didn't think to get a photo of the new gate which is currently laying on the ground on this side of the bird feeder. (foreground of photo)

By this time it was getting dark and the photos weren't coming out so well from my bedroom window. and they soon went home after that.

The new fence posts are of concrete or something, so they won't rot off at the ground level. This was hard work! They had to jackhammer the old posts out and then dig holes for the new ones. But I was glad to see a spirit level out there! I did take them a cuppa and some biscuits.

Also, the formerly strange section of fence will now be a sensible height from this side. Hopefully no worries of the dog jumping over to her death.

I think they mean to come finish our part today, so I will try to get a few more photos and update. They wanted to get all the fences (ours and next door's) done before they finished their patio because the patio needs time to rest and settle in. If they tramped over it with all their heavy things, it would ruin it.

It will be interesting to see what it looks like when all the climbing plants go back up onto the new fence.

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