Monday, 8 December 2014

December days - 8 and "Framed Worlds" finished

I have finished 'Framed Worlds', the present for my brother. Hopefully will get it in the post today.

Rather than placing the original onto a background, increasing the surround. I decided to just get on with it as it is. The look was good as it was, as it wasn't going to be judged...being for my brother, after all.

So, I put the piece onto felt and then backed with a satiny blue lining which has glistenings of silver. It is what I used for the lining of the 'Midnight Dance...' coat.

inside back of the coat from the Fashion show ensemble

Then I quilted over some of the stitched curved orbit lines and added a few quilted rays on the sun to hold all the layers together.

The lining fabric worked so well for the back, I also used it for binding.
And then I decided
"as it wasn't going to be judged...being for my brother, after all." *
I would just get on with writing the Bible verse I knew he would like. But I had to write it right to left one letter at a time back to front. I am sure you can tell because the letters seem to start large and go small. So I wrote the reference up along the right side which helps a bit.

And actually, I am glad I put the verse because it visually balances the sun in a way.

*(This became a mantra at every bit I would normally fret over if doing it for a show. and you know what? I am quite pleased. I would actually be happy to hang it in a show! So, what does that tell me?)

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