Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Blue sheath dress

Okay. I have everything done (that was in the line up the other day) but am sewing buttons. I am Not staying up to sew buttons, especially since I have a blood test at twirly o'clock in the morning.
I will try to get a photo of me wearing it to add to this post tomorrow.

You can see all of the things others have made for the contest here. The one who sews the most yardage wins. Most people aim to just add to the group total. So, this is the one I have added to the contest...it doesn't have buttons.

Some people try for a personal goal. I set my goal as 15 yards. As soon as all the buttons are on, though past the deadline, I will have met my goal. I will recheck the actual amount then. Though not finished in time to add to the contest, I feel I have personally won on this one because I now have a wardrobe of lovely, well-fitting clothes for warm weather that I have made myself!

Here is what I wrote in the review.

Pattern Description:
Sheath Dress - side bust dart and minimal waist shaping. An A-line to the skirt area.
This version has cap sleeves and a slot opening at the neckline

Did it look like the photo/drawing on the pattern envelope once you were done sewing with it? Self-drafted
I have made this before, but with long sleeves, which I haven't worn because I didn't really like the look (with long sleeves) on me. So this time I have done cap sleeves.
The other dress had textured fabric, but reads as a solid colour. This time I used an African print, which looks much cuter.

Were the instructions easy to follow?
Yes. The neck opening on the other dress was a bit floppy, so I changed the way I constructed an opening for this one.
I made up a facing for the neck opening which goes right across to the armhole and to the shoulder seams.
I placed RS together (facing and dress piece) and stitched on both sides of where the opening would be and across the bottom. Then slit down the CF line and into the corners and turned it through.
neck opening
I found this to be an easy way to have a sturdy opening without a lot of bulk.

What did you particularly like or dislike about the pattern?
I found that this pattern works better on my figure with an interesting fabric, and especially with a print design that is vertical.

Fabric Used:
African batik print made for kaftan like garment...central print mirrored on the back. also a border print. I have had this over 20 years!

Pattern alterations or any design changes you made:
Besides a better construction for the neck opening, I changed things at the hem to allow for a border print. So, it meant that where the A-line part of the hem usually curves up at the sides some - to accommodate my large bottom and make a straight hem when it is on me - for this I changed things so the hem is straight all around altogether and the border pattern matches.

Would you sew it again? Would you recommend it to others?
Yes I will sew it again and use a visually interesting fabric. I may do some embellishment on the previous dress to make it work better (as well as shortening the sleeves.)

I have wanted a sheath dress for my wardrobe because you can just throw it on and accessorise. Most accessories would be lost with this print, but it could be dressed up or change the look with choice of cardigan or jacket.

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