Wednesday, 1 October 2014

"And the Bead Goes On and on..." September beads

2014 - Week 40 Daily Beads - part 1

It seems a long way til Sunday, so I am posting the end of September's beads today. (Basically I am ready to clear the decks for October.)

This week the blue beads I used are size 15 beads. very tiny - the size of the little red bead on the points which I have used throughout September. It gives a slightly smaller delicate look to the result.

However, some difficulties especially with bead 272 because my finishing off involves going up through the last point and then the thread got stuck in one bead... and then the thread broke... and then attempts to fix it meant the bead broke... and I had to rebead and try again. ahem. I haven't been very successful at trying to find a thinner needle which I can thread with the beading thread. So, something to keep in mind for using size 15 beads. Really, they can only be relied on for going through once with a double threaded needle.




And here are all the lovely September beaded O rings all together.

Tomorrow I will post a tutorial about making these.

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