Sunday, 7 September 2014

"And the Bead Goes On and on..." 1-6 September

2014 - Week 36 Daily Beads
I am going back to posting Sunday to Saturday results rather than Monday to Sunday. The weekends are too busy to do 2 on Saturday - which is what I was doing in July and August - or to post later in the day on Sunday.

I am working with O rings this month. I had thought about something a little more complex, but soon realised I had too much on at the end of August and beginning of September to develop a different technique. ...and since plans look like I will be busy throughout September, not really a good time for something more time consuming!

So, O rings - these are red. I almost went with white beads, having white in my head from the beads I did for Karen Ruane, but decided on black beads instead, as I haven't worked with it much. Red and black go well together. I also decided to add blue to the colour combination. The blues will range from the greenish side of blue through to the purple side of blue.

I will post about the making up later in the month. But it is the same technique used for the star washers, curtain rings, and paper clips.




a blend of 3 different blue beads. There were not enough of each bead to do a whole ring on their own, so I worked out a pattern using them together.



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