Saturday, 27 September 2014

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Kindly sent to me by Lin Hsin-Chen in Taiwan just because I connected her with someone else who could answer her question better! Thanks Hsin-Chen!

The art quilts in the book are fascinating. The type of fabric which seems available in Taiwan (or at least to those who made work which is featured in the book) is quite flowery, but they seem to be able to 'paint' with that fabric like we would hand-dyes or batiks, and the resulting look doesn't come across as flowery.

Most of the artist statements are translated into English, so you can get an understanding of the intent, even with some of the issues that can come with translating.

There is a large section where the artists from Taiwan, Korea and Japan made work and then sent to each of the partners in the other countries (one from each country) and back home again where it was finished off.

As is often the case with this type of Round Robin, you can see some where the changes made the work stronger and others where the originator/finisher tried to bring back some sense to the piece. I would have liked to read the rules in English, since it looked, in some of the cases, like one or both of the partners made a complete new section which was then left to the next one to incorporate...or not.

But any way, it made fascinating reading material for my lunch break!

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