Tuesday, 2 September 2014

July Journal Quilt

I caught up on the Journal Quilts. So, I will show them to you a bit at a time.
Here is one I am developing at the same time as an A4 size piece with the same theme. I will talk about both pieces when I get them finished.

But on the development side of things; this background fabric is similar to what I used for the 8inx8in journal quilt piece.

I have worked into it with intense thread painting in such a way as to resemble scenery whizzing by as you ride past. I am really excited by the way this has turned out just like I had in mind.
I did know it would draw the fabric up, and thought I had accounted for that, but it measures about 7 1/2 in wide instead of 8in. So, I put a sign up the side to get it to the right width.

More about the cyclists in tomorrow's post.

I will work into the A4 size piece, as well, in a similar way. It has a bit more added to the width, but I may try putting it into a hoop or using stabiliser to reduce the amount it draws up.

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