Saturday, 6 September 2014

Cycling Race

As I mentioned with the Cycling journal quilt, I was also working on an A4 size piece with the same theme.

This time I used a hoop to do the thread painting which helped to keep the fabric from drawing up.

I was stitching through all 3 layers. the photo above shows the work just after  I had moved the hoop. One of the reasons I don't like using a hoop is that you run out of space. But, I will definitely consider it again if I am doing intense thread painting.

When I cut the cyclists out of the fabric, using a freezer paper stencil, I realised I hadn't fused the fabric first. I couldn't face having to trim round all those little bits, so I chose to use Pritt stick this time to temporarily adhere the cyclists to the background. Then I stitched them down with black thread.

And here is the complete piece.

I have joined up with an online group who are working to prompts every 2 months, and the size is A4. So, this will be for that group. But I can also use it for the Grosvenor shows journal quilts, which I usually take part in. The theme this time is Picture This, which can be interpreted quite broadly. and so I am picturing a Cycle race.

I specifically had in mind that the Tour de France had the Grand Depart in Yorkshire this year. So, it is called Tour de Yorkshire.

Hurrah! Blogger is working with my browser again!


Celia said...

This really catches the atmosphere and movement. Great!

Sandy said...

Thanks Celia,
I appreciate that from you, as I know you are far more knowledgeable about Cycle races than I am!