Tuesday, 9 September 2014

It's in the details

One of the blouses I am making is from fat quarters of fabric from Fair Trade Fabrics.
The front panels and the back panel (cut on the fold) are longer than the side panels because they go right up to the inside neck on one side. So, that made it difficult to cut from a fat quarter. I decided to carry on with the colour blocking and add a bit to the bottom from the turquoise dot fabric I am using for the other blouse.
For the front panel, it is just added in and cut making up the missing part of the pattern. But for the back panel, since it is cut on the fold, I hadn't a big enough piece from the scraps to cut out a piece without joining it in the centre. If I did that, I had enough to do something interesting.
I decided to pleat it in such a way as to hide the centre join a bit, and then just one more pleat to give it a false peplum look. I sure don't need great ruffles and peplums on my backside, but this gives a bit of interest referring to current style while still working for my figure.

The added piece then gets a bit more control when sewn and pressed. and even more when joined to the side back panels.

I got the sleeves on this blouse and the turquoise dot blouse today. Not much more because I also had a request to hem jeans for a Certain Young Man. They were also a bit too wide, and I tapered them in at the side to the hem. He looks very good in them now. Because they were cream colour, it was a lot easier to stitch the hem and make it look like original.
Sorry, I didn't get a photo.

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