Monday, 8 September 2014


The past few days I have been working to sew up the blouses I cut out earlier in August.

So far I have all the vertical seams (and shoulder seams) done. And the collars, cuffs and button stands interfaced.
and now I have the 2 with long sleeves nearly finished.
left: pink and blue stripe with contrast collar, cuffs, and button stands.
right: white on white embroidered cotton

Up to the point of needing the hem and needing the buttonholes and buttons.

The side panels of the pink and blue stripe are cut on an angle, so that the underarm seam has a chevron effect.


irene macwilliam said...

I imagine you must have a most bulgy wardrobe with all the tops and skirts you make. I am stunned at your productivity in this area plus your quilt making and beading.

Sandy said...

Hi Irene,
Thanks for your comment! LOL
Actually, I am slowly getting rid of things that don’t fit or have worn out. I do now have winter skirts (which I move to another wardrobe) and am building up summer skirts. Otherwise I am always in jeans!
I rarely if ever buy clothes, so the things I am trying to weed out have been there for years. I get a bit embarrassed that I am meant to be a ‘designer’, yet wear falling apart and ill-fitting things! So, I am trying to remedy that.