Wednesday, 3 September 2014

British Cycling - complete

So here is a bit about the cyclist part of the July journal quilt.

This depicts a cycle race. This year, in July, the Grande Depart for the Tour de France took place in Yorkshire, in the UK! However, our best hope - winner from last year's Tour de France - crashed out on the first day. Still, it has brought a further interest in cycling coming on top of the success of Brits in the Tour de France the past few years and in the 2012 Olympics.
I wanted to show the landscape going past at speed, which is why I did the thread painting I described yesterday.

I also wanted to show the kinetic energy of the cyclists. I cut the silhouettes of the cyclists from a black fabric I had screen printed (using a thermofax screen) some time ago. careful use of a scalpel was needed to get all the little bits out. I used a freezer paper stencil, but it didn't stick well to the acrylic paint, so had to be re-applied frequently.

As I said, the thread painting had drawn up the background fabric. So, I used a similar screen printed fabric at the right side. I had thought I might write on it like a sign, but in the end, I chose to use a white pen and a silver pen and silver metallic colour pencil to draw marks to bring it together with the rest of the design.

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