Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Blouses - done! part 2

Thanks for the comment on the white blouse. I have gone through the wardrobe and got rid of 4 white Ready to Wear blouses, none of which managed to fit comfortably at all! Yet I put up with them for years!

Blouse no.2 is blue and pink stripe cotton. The collar and stand, cuffs, and button stand are in white cotton.

The side panels of the front and back princess pattern have been cut on bias and sewn together to create a chevron. I showed that the other day, but here it is again.

Cutting the stripe on the bias was not so easy because there was not enough to get it on a 45 degree angle. I ended up with 30/60 degrees (depends on which way you think of your angles!) This still worked to create chevrons at the side seam.

Detail: as well as the angled stripes and contrast sections, I used a selection of buttons in different shades of lavender colour. The blouse looks lavender at a distance because the dusky blue and dusky pink blend visually.
They were from one of the mixed packs I got at the Festival of Quilts. There were just enough of the ones with words on (like Tommy Hilfiger) to be able to use for the blouse. Each one is different.

I like how it creates a unique feature; basically because they were the only buttons I had that were anywhere near the colour!

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Judith said...

Love the buttons changing ~ very creative idea! Looks like another great shirt for you ... J