Thursday, 18 September 2014

Blouses - done! part 3

Blouse no.3 is turquoise dot cotton. I used the collar stand as a stand collar. Sleeves have been shortened. Flat self trim pieces have been added. Most of these have the addition of a decorative stitch using turquoise cotton thread.

Detail: Flat self trim added in different ways a. as different length decoration on front b. as decoration on collar c. as inserts like flat piping in sleeve hem and button stand.

I haven't done a sleeve hem like this for some time, so it took a while to remember where to stitch and where to turn so everything comes out in the right place. I hadn't intended to add the decorative stitch here, but when the rest was done, I realised it needed to be on the sleeve to pull it all together.

The turquoise dot cotton fabric is more tightly woven and I found it very hard to ease the collar onto it without a lot of unpicking of accidental pleats. I had no problem with this for the other cottons. But the result for the blouse is a nice crisp feel.

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