Saturday, 30 November 2013

Working for Her Daily Bread

Finished and sent!
Working for Her Daily Bread ( Translation in to Hausa Aiki a kowace rana abinci)

I like how the side borders make it look like you are looking through a doorway.

And the statement -

I chose to depict an African girl at work. She can’t go to school, she is needed at home. Her family cannot afford the fees, uniform, or supplies she would need to go to school. And yet, if she could be educated, she could learn better ways of providing nourishing food, health care and education for more in her community.

I have several friends who work with the poor and marginalised in different African countries. I’ve begun developing ways to use my own sewing skills to benefit children like this girl. At the very least, thinking about them gives me a different perspective on the difficulty of my own day’s work!

Materials and Techniques: Indonesian and African batiks, felt, cotton wadding. Shapes developed and adapted from inspiration photo. Fused to felt and applied with blind hem stitch. Worked into with coloured pencil and felt tips. Double and wrap around binding combination.

This will be part of the Contemporary Quilt Suitcase collection - touring begins in the new year. If you live in the UK, you can get in touch with CQ to see if your group can hire the suitcase full of A3 size pieces on the topic 'All in a Day's Work'.

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