Wednesday, 13 November 2013

4 more skirts for Ethiopia

So, now that I have caught up with the blouses I had cut out, I am taking time out to do some more skirts for the girls in the orphan village where my friend works. This is the sneak peek. Most of these are already sewn...just need to put elastic in the waist. I won't count them til I do that though!

I didn't put the computer on til about 5pm, so I was able to keep going without distractions.

Some of these were from duvet covers a friend gave me. I cut round the stains from the leak in their airing cupboard. The rest of those covers aren't good enough for clothing, so ('shock') I will have to toss them. But it is better to get 1 or 2 skirts out of them beforehand.
Another positive... it has also meant more space in my room!

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