Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Creamy Bright Blouse finished

And here it is!

You can see that the cream layer has really subdued the bright fabric.

Because of the 2 layers, it doesn't have as much give as one layer would, so it feels a bit snug. This is the same bodice pattern as the blouses I have recently shown you. So I am just going to let it out a bit more in the waist darts. Maybe do away with them altogether in the front after seeing the photo!

The cream fabric needed to be pieced in a few places because I hadn't got enough length for sleeves, button stand and collar. So I put the piecing in random places - stitched with a French seam - before I laid it together with the bright fabric. Then it looks like a design purpose rather than an oops.

I also used a sort of lightning zigzag on the seam. Here you can see the right side button stand where the piecing is a short way down from the collar.
and the right side of the collar. The piecing on the collar is off centre in the back on purpose.

I have arranged this to show the piecing on the button stand...the right side as mentioned. top of the photo,
and the left side of the button stand which has the piecing a short way up from the hem. bottom of photo.

And a bit of a scrunched photo to show all of the pieced detailing, including across the 3/4 length sleeve.

Each of the sleeve piecing is in the same place. If I did it again, I would stagger those as well, but I already had the sleeves cut to be pieced in that place for both sides before I thought of it.

I also had good word that my Ramshackle piece for the SAQA Auction was sold! I hope it gives the new owners great pleasure.

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