Sunday, 1 December 2013

"And the Bead Goes On..." 25-30+ Nov

2013 - Week 48 Daily Beads
By the way, today is 11/12ths of the year. But you knew that. ;-)







Ha! somehow I was counting up to Sunday even though I know November finished on Saturday. So, one to grow on I guess!
bead extra November

Sorry, These were a bit fuzzy because I took photos in between rushing from one thing to another. This weekend is also a busy one.

Besides the miscounting extra bead, I had already done several extra beads ....just because! These were all similar to what was going on the week I did them, but they had little sequins with them.

bead extra November-a

bead extra November-b

bead extra November-c

bead extra November-d

bead extra November-e

bead extra November-f

Just a bit more glow!

And all of the November beads together.

Now to plan out December's beads. (When the house guests go tomorrow.) I have so many ideas, I can work out which one to do this month...especially knowing we will go up and down to York at Christmas. But I am definitely carrying on next year!

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