Wednesday, 20 November 2013

menina de favela e água cards

Today was another very long day - I went to a meeting on the other side of Bath in South Gloucestershire. But there is just enough time to give a little surprise I found when I went to help steward the Water, Water exhibition in Henley yesterday.


Kate Findlay, who curated the exhibition, had cards made of some of the pieces. and there was my little Brazilian girl! So, that was a fun thing to discover. So, of course I bought some for my 'archive'.

I tried to get photos of most of the rest of the work, although I think I missed some, but I am a bit shattered from being out and about for 2 long days running, so I will put some of the photos up tomorrow.

It was a great show though! and such a variety of ways to depict water. Just Hands TV were there most of the day. They filmed Kate talking about each piece in the exhibition. Poor girl! She must have been shattered by the end of the day. When I hear that they have put it on their site, I will let you know.

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