Monday, 4 November 2013

ALAW - Peace letters presentation

I finally finished the presentation part of the Peace Alphabet - Flags with barbed wire stitching.

On Sunday we had a special day to remember people who are attacked and beaten, have houses and churches destroyed, and are imprisoned or killed because they are Christians. This happens in a surprising number of countries around the world. The banner was just right hanging on the wall at church.

As I said before,
These are flags for the top 26 countries on the World Watch List -
making people aware of human rights violations
against those with Christian beliefs.
Seeking peace for all in these countries.

I made the flag letters in response to the challenge on A Letter A Week to make a set of letters having some relation to Peace. You can read more about the thoughts which inspired the work here.

A bit closer -

I wanted to make them more effective from a distance, so I thought about several different phrases. I wanted something that would fit, centred between the flag letters. In the end, I just started writing something down which I could then begin to edit. and lo and behold, it was just right! Prayer for the Persecuted...25 letters and spaces would fit exactly.

Since I had run out of the printer fabric, I used some t-shirt transfer paper I had. I ironed it onto thick interfacing and then put fusible on the back and fused the letters to white cotton.

Then I placed each letter of the phrase between two of the flag letters and stitched them on with white thread. (This included the pause to check placement after stitching the first 4 letters and realising I had only printed pray, rather than prayer! So there was a bit of last minute trying to work out how to print ER onto a partial sheet of transfer paper! I didn't want to waste a whole sheet for 2 letters.)

Besides being useful for seeing from a distance, it really helps the flags from twisting around on the ribbon. So it is a lot easier for folding up to store. I think without it, it would be a nightmare to untangle it every time you wanted to use it.

Here are some closer photos for detail.
 (Pardon the spotty wall! We meet in a community centre -
the wall has years of kid's paint and blu tack residue!)

Interesting that the P from Persecuted matches up with the P in the alphabet!

If you want to see detailed photos of the letters, you can click on the label 'flags' below. It will take you to all the posts about the letters and how I did them.

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