Friday, 15 November 2013

skirts 20 -26

I have some more skirts finished.

This photo includes 15-19 most of which were cut and sewn in August, but needed elastic. The greenish one with the ruffle is where I had stopped because the piece of fabric wasn't long enough and I needed to piece together the remnants to make it longer. So, I did that the other day.

So all the ones on the left, including the red ones, were from the good parts of the sheets my friend gave me. I used some already fused fabric to create a bit of decoration because they were a bit plain.
There are 3 greyish ones - they actually still need elastic...I will do that tomorrow. as well as the black one with yellow speckles printed on it...donated remnants from another friend.

So, all those together should just come up to the 2kg limit - around £26. It goes up astronomically once it is over 2kg. I will try to get them posted next week, but it is a very full week, so it might have to wait til the following week.

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