Tuesday, 26 November 2013

in progress

I am hoping to get an A3 size piece done for the new CQ suitcase collection this week.

Some of the missing past few days have been more events and recovering from such a busy last week. But I have finally got a start on this. Just a glimpse for now of a small detail to be in the work.

The theme of the new collection is 'All in a Day's work'.
The current suitcase collection about Childhood Memories has my piece "Uncle Stan's Bicycle".

The deadline for this piece to be there is Monday! But if it doesn't make it, I will continue, because this is a follow on from ideas about issues in Third World countries that I began to explore with "Menina de Favela e Água". I have several ideas I want to explore. Not sure if I will continue with the A3 format, or larger like the previous one. If larger, they can be entered more easily into FOQ.

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