Thursday, 21 November 2013

Just a few 'pictures from the exhibition'

I knew I'd be rather out of it today after 2 long days, but I didn't really realise how much. So, I haven't done much photo processing.

However, here are one or two to tide you over to tomorrow.
This is Kate Findlay's piece Oars.

You could almost tell from the visitors who were locals by the way they connected to this piece. Henley, for those who may not know, is the home of Henley Regatta.

Kate was the curator of the exhibition. I mentioned that Just Hands TV had recorded Kate discussing each piece in the Exhibition. This photo shows Kate on the left and Valerie from Just Hands on the right.

Another piece I will mention is Pouring by Joanna O'Neill. Joanna used to be part of our TVCT group but has moved up north. She was down this way visiting her mother and arranged for me to deliver her work to Lady Sew and Sew when I took mine.

I really like the viewpoint of the pouring water. Often you see the side view of a jug pouring. But this view really focusses on the water.

And...I must tell you a very happy thing.

For nearly 3 weeks I have been going back and forth with Parcel Force, Customs and Excise and UK Border Agency about my work being returned from America. Remember Swamp Dragon and Lady Sew-Forth had been to the PNQE show in September? Even though it was properly marked Exhibit return to Artist someone hadn't read that bit, and they were trying to charge me.

Eventually, last week sometime, the right person was given the right info and the charges were cleared. But I still hadn't got the parcel. So more contacting people in the ether ensued.
I think the Parcel man who came to the door today was very afraid he was going to get hugged for his appearance! But phew, I now have them in my 'hot hand' as it were.

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irene macwilliam said...

I have had various tussels over getting work returned from USA, only once did I end up not paying duty plus an administration fee, though I argued and wrote numerous letters. My exhibits have all been labelled correctly. I have given up sending work.
It is ridiculous when it is our own goods being returned. I can not afford to get a carnet and anyway they are not designed for the type of work I wish to send. Good for you on not having to pay anything.