Friday, 1 November 2013

"And the Bead Goes On..." October's daily beads

Here are all of the beaded safety pins for October. I will show this week's beads on Sunday as usual, but you can tell from this photo that I did a few more! Sort of becoming a habit to bend the rules that way!

Because I had 5 different packs of 'straw' beads... and because of the way October was laid out on the calendar seeming to have 5 weeks... in the end I did 7 sets from each type of straw beads. So here are some of the extras for this week.
October extra - a

October extra - b

October extra - c

and well, since I had to buy more of the brass pins earlier in the month to make sure I had enough, I did one more pin from each 'straw' bead using mostly brass pins. It will give a little spark of difference when I use them all on something in the future.

October brass pins - a

October brass pins - b

October brass pins - c

October brass pins - d

October brass pins - e

You will also discover on Sunday what the new beads for November are to be. It is back to fabric beads, but what colour scheme?

I am linking this to Off the Wall Friday at Nina-Marie's. If you have come over from there, this is my daily bead project. It is like a daily creativity prompt. It gets you into the studio and starting on something! Only 2 more months to go for this year. At this point I have enough ideas for another year, so I am thinking I will carry it on.


Gill said...

Fabulous Sandy - I love the blue ones!

Judith said...

I am sure you have enough fab ideas for much longer than just one more year! Love the colour combo of Oct brass pins c ~ the cerise colour is very eyecatching ... J