Monday, 11 November 2013

sneak peek again

Nearly finished with another blouse. This one is a bit of an experiment. I had a skirt I made in herringbone tweed. The colours were red and cream. But it has been hard to find a blouse to match. Solid colours just seemed too much. and the skirt reads more of a coral from a distance.

So, I had a somewhat sheer cream windowpane check fabric and the bright, bright coral fabric. (I made the bright blouse from the remnant after I had cut this one out)

By using the 2 together, it created the light coral colour which would go with the skirt. It is a winter skirt, so the double layer won't be an issue with getting too hot.

I didn't have enough of the sheer fabric so there have been some interesting design features going on! When I get it finished, I will try to describe what I ended up doing.

I am just planning the buttonholes so stitching them out and sewing on the buttons will happen tomorrow.
Just a little glimpse of the blouse with the skirt. You can compare with the swatches above...the bright coral would be too much. A cream could possibly work, but I'm not so good with wearing a cream colour - white is better, but too much contrast with the skirt. This combination works just right.

I did later find another just right fabric when we went to the Goldhawk Road shops, but I haven't cut it out yet.

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