Thursday, 31 October 2013

ALAW - presentation

Remember the flags with the barbed wire letters? I had stitched them for A Letter A Week challenge. It was the first set of letters and it had to do with peace. Well today I stitched them to a thin black ribbon.
This coming Sunday our church is going to have a special time to remember and pray for Christians who are attacked or put in prison because of what they believe. So, this is the perfect time to get the presentation sorted for the flags. I am also in the middle of adding words so the banner can be seen from a distance. Then when people go up to it, they can see the flags of the countries and be prompted to remember the people who live there.

I will try to get a photo to show you afterwards. I think we will probably put it as a visual reminder beyond just the one day.

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Margaret Cooter said...

Great idea for the presentation - good that this work will be seen "outside the box", as it were. (I wonder how many of the flags people will recognise?) Although it comes from a different sort of project, it links into a long tradition of using "educational pictures" in churches.