Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Red skirts

I cut out another girl's skirt. I will probably cut out a few more and then stitch them all up at once.

I have had this red for ages. It was £1 a metre! I made a skirt from it and wore it out. So with some of the rest, I thought I would do a girl's skirt from it. Holding out on the rest for something for me, now that the other has gone into the toss it pile.

and then while I was at it, I cut a red wool skirt from some I found in the stash when I was organising.

Not sure how this one got there! Either given, or I suspect from the National Needlework Archive Fabric sale. anyway, I think it is wool flannel. Anyway, it is a med-light weight. I haven't got enough red lining, but I like interesting linings anyway, so I am using this black. Just enough...especially since I decided on a kick pleat at CB.

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Ruth said...

Wool for a pound? Too good not to use