Sunday, 4 November 2012

Creative Daily - Trial

I mentioned that I am interested in the idea of a daily creativity prompt. Kathy Loomis suggests having a go with your idea before it gets to the New Year to see if you have chosen something you can stick with. Is it too complicated? Is it too time consuming? Is it portable for days you are away?

So, I thought I would try a few things out. Here is my attempt at one idea.

Fabric beads.

Interesting. Check - I could make all sorts of varieties. These were made from a scrap that already had fusible web on the back. I wrapped them round a thin knitting needle and fused them while on the needle with the iron.

Portable. Check - Fabric scraps, little packet of beads. Beading needle. Beading thread. and if I need something to snip the thread, I can use nail clippers. (Not likely to go on a flight) I can fit the made beads in the container. It could hold a week or more of beads if I have to go away.

Complicated? Not sure. I will have to see how I get on for a couple weeks. I think I could look at the idea of wrapping interesting threads round instead of little beads.

And another thing...for me they need to have a final purpose. Check. In order for me to stick with this for 365 days, I need to know it can be used For something.

Other thoughts...
I think I like the idea of being flexible, getting ahead or catching up if you have a life something that might interrupt. Maybe the daily thing will actually be decorating them? I made a few ahead to decorate another day. If you have the scrap and have the iron on, you may as well do the roll round the knitting needle thing for several rather than heating it every day.

This time I used a little packet of mixed beads. I am not a mixed beads person. If I am doing something, I want to know I have enough to complete. I don't want to fish around in the mixture to find the right colour. But for this, a mixed selection gives me enough to mix or match...and it uses these up without me 'sorting' them...which I have been known to do!
But as to 'rules' I don't think I will restrict myself to mixed packets.

Anything else I should think of? Suggestions for a catchy name for the project?

I have another idea I want to try. Then choose between them. I think I will give this 3 weeks and then the other one 3 weeks. and see what I think.


Mary Stori said...

Great idea for a daily project....for a name, how about: And the Bead Goes On....

Purposes....use them as closure decorations.....use snaps for actual closure since the size and texture may not be sensible going through button holes. Also, make into bracelets, necklaces, place a bunch in a clear glass bowl for decor.....

Sandy said...

Thanks for the title. I like it - very catchy.
I know if I made them, I would definitely find a use for them!

Linda M said...

What a good idea and I like Mary's name for it. I would never have thought of beads.