Friday, 23 November 2012

name badges

Next week the ladies from our church are hosting a Ladies Christmas tea. There will be somewhere between 50 and 60 ladies. So, tonight some of my friends met to make name badges. We even had one of the husbands cutting out wee aprons!

The little gingerbread ladies have been cut out of fused green fabrics - using Misty Fuse -, little aprons have been cut out of fused white fabric. Loads of little red bows have been tied. Next step, fuse the aprons on the ladies and the ladies onto the red felt, not forgetting to slip a bit of ribbon or glittery string onto a safety pin and then between the layers before fusing. Then cut the whole of the badge out of the felt. Glue gun the bows on for a splash of colour.
Make sure I have enough pens for guests to write their names on the apron!

The pin string bit means it can be hung on the tree at home. Fun!

Everything gathered from my stash!

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