Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Awards night

Yesterday I said I went out in the evening. I had been invited to the Awards evening for New Directions where I used to teach. The specific interest was that my student Frances was being recognised for achieving her City and Guilds Fashion Level 2 Diploma - with Distinction!

Unknown to me beforehand, I was also called up to be recognised for guiding her and the other students so well! So, I haven't got photos of that part.

But Frances was called up again because she had won the prize for Adult Learning in the Art and Craft department!

I was sitting way in the back, so the photo is fuzzy (yeah I think this is the fuzzy photo week!) But here is a close up as well.

Along with other New Direction Students, Frances will be put forward for Adult Learner Awards on a National level.

So did you notice a familiar costume/uniform on one of the people on stage?
New Directions were able to have Naomi Riches, Paralympic rower and gold medalist, as speaker. Naomi actually took jewellery lessons from my colleague, Jim Pooley. (Shown here introducing Naomi) This was not the easiest thing because Naomi can't see colours and has distance judgement problems because of problems with her eyes from birth.
Naomi Riches with her Gold Medal

When I went up with Frances, photos were taken of us with Naomi and also a Reading Councillor. I hope to get copies. But later I was cheeky enough to go ask to have a photograph taken.
Naomi gave me the Gold medal to hold! Like loads of others, I was surprised and said 'It's heavy!'

I got a few other photos of Frances. She was wearing the dress that she designed for the Dress Factor contest. She was one of the top 5 finalists. The dress looks great on her. She had to use a different fabric than she had first chosen, but I think she has done well with it.

I had her twirl a bit to get a look from all sides.

The dividing line means the topic changes! Today's post happens to be number 1000! That is pretty amazing! A special thanks to my friend Helen who helped me to get started. In looking up the first post I discovered that I passed the 4 year mark in October.

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