Saturday, 17 November 2012


Today was the November meeting of the Thames Valley Contemporary Textile group. We had a very inspiring talk by Mary Crabb who does innovative basketry.

Mary told us about her background and how even family engineering efforts have shaped her life and informed her work.

Later in the afternoon Mary talked us through how to start a basket. First she showed us the basic twinning technique using a sturdy plastic drink cup slit to become the struts or warp.

Everyone's work was slightly different which helped you see what else could be done. Use thin threads or thick threads, the result is different.

From there, we moved on to actually starting the base and working from there.
Some did a flat weave like this sample, some did a 3D version which was more like a pod.

Some worked small like I did and some used rope like warp (I can't remember what she called it!) and so had something pretty substantial.
I was concentrating too much for photos of the others work on this part! but here is my bit I have started.
I am linking this to Nina Marie's Off the Wall Friday. A different sort of creative effort. I am already getting ideas how this could be used in my work. Of course, needs a bit more experimenting, but hey, that is part of the joy!


Sylvia said...

Interesting weaving ideas. I might have to try something like that. Thanks for sharing.

Nina Marie said...

ohhh this is VERY clever way to weave - so now we can use Red solo cups for not only a good 16 oz of beer and to dye my fabric in - but also weave (grin) - what more could you want from 20 cents of plastic!