Sunday, 11 November 2012

And the Bead goes on...week 1

Daily Bead trial project so far.
I got out another mixed bead packet, but I like the glittery ones a bit better - at least on this colour.

This is how I fuse them. Roll up on the knitting needle and press here and there to hold it together. I added some purple strips to these because I was getting bored with the reddish fabric.

I learned that you don't want to work hard to get it all pressed securely because it becomes very hard to stitch through with the thin beading needles. You won't have to fret about it coming undone, because you are stitching through a few layers. I also stitch on each fabric bead while it is on the knitting needle. It is actually a lot easier than holding on to the little bit and try to stitch it.

I usually try to keep from going right down to the core when stitching, just thinking it might be difficult to keep from tangling when and if you actually thread them all together on a cord.

Confession - I didn't do very well with doing this every day. I will try a bit harder...but I have a guest this week. Perhaps I need to do this longer than 3 weeks to see how it evens out before I decide for certain to do it for 2013.


i said...

Have you a plan as to how you might use all the beads you create or will you just gloat over them
Irene MacWilliam

Sandy said...

Hi Irene,
Not sure what I will do with them, but I will know they are just the right thing when the time comes!

I will have to be more disciplined if I am going to do it a whole year though.

Plan B is sewing one button a day onto something - a patch, or what? anyway, that is plan B or for 2014 if I get that far.

Irene MacWilliam said...

Why not do a combination of the two things beads say on odd days of the month and buttons on the even.
Then the next month change over what is done on an odd or even day.
In that way you work on both ideas which I see as being very compatable projects, beads can be used as buttons and buttons are often used as decorative additions to a project.

Sandy said...

That is a very clever idea. I think it would help to keep me from being bored of it too soon. Also, sewing a button is easier, so I could do sewing a button week when I know I will be very busy or in a situation when I don't want to juggle a little pile of beads.