Thursday, 1 November 2012

Dragon spotting - a mystery adventure

Yesterday I went to help take down the TVCT Whatever Floats exhibition from the National Needlework Archive. Each time I am there, I try to take note of the various banners they have displayed. I presume they change them regularly as I know I would have spotted the dragon before!

Sorry about the state of the photos. I think my battery wants charging.
Anyway, I saw this dragon and wolf/dog fight on the banner.

I thought, that warrants investigation! There is bound to be a story in it somewhere.

The banner says West Clandon.

So, here is an interesting tale about a dragon blocking the road at West Clandon. A soldier charged with desertion escaped from the death penalty and his path took him (with his dog) through West Clandon. Together they got rid of the dragon. You will be glad to know the soldier was pardoned from the desertion charge. (!) The dragon and dog are on the town sign.

Elsewhere, following the story, we learn there is a woodcarving in the local church. There is a bit more to the tale about the dog.
"A dragon which was giving the locals a hard time was killed by an ex-soldier and his dog - the dog leapt onto the creature's face, while the man decapitated the wyrm."

And why didn't I know there was a chalk dragon on a hillside? Come on, who knew and didn't tell me? and now that A Certain Young Man is no longer at Guildford uni, I haven't got a 'real' reason to go find it.

But I shall anyway, sometime.

I think the chalk dragon on the hillside is 'just' the shape I have been looking for as inspiration to 'go large' with my dragon series.

What fun to discover this story! Hope you enjoyed it!

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